By John Billingsley   Published by Springer

About the book

After all the proofreading, some errors are sure to remain.  So there is a link to an errata page.  If you spot an error, please email me to point it out!  To defeat the spammers, replace the name 'junk' in with 'john'.

I hope that you have noticed that there is something a bit different about this book.  Effort has been made to keep the main material as simple as possible.  The main effort has been to give a fundamental understanding, so that you can work out your own way to tackle problems that you have never met before.

Some other books embroider their exercises with pulleys and slopes, piling on example after example until you have learned the techniques by rote.  But dynamics, and engineering in general, is not about numerical agility to stuff numbers into formulae.  It is about understanding how things move, with the ability to choose the right mathematical tool to do the job in question.

So from time to time examples might be posted here that have been used as questions in a 'closed book' examination where no calculators are permitted at all.

Maybe you can suggest changes you would like to see in a future edition - there is a link to a space where your emailed discussions can be posted.

Best wishes